Visitor Management Solution

The Next Generation Wearable and Handy Keychain with unmatched features & benefits.

All – in – One

  • Wearable or Handy Keychain
  • Smart and convenient
  • Latest security standard


  • Badge and ID Tool- Replacing plastic/paper badge with all-in-one Wearable and Handy Keychain
  • Access  Tool- Entrance to Events and Pavilions
  • Payment & Discount Tool- Payment tool for Events, Shops Transportation, and in different City  Destinations
  • Gift and Souvenirs- Can be use as Gift and Souvenirs as Wearable or  Handy Keychain with Temperature & Humidity sensors

RTLS Location

  • Real time Location System
  • Indicate Pavilion visitors availability
  • Identify car park location
  • Alert or notification when badge had been lost

Visitors Count

  • Display of real time counting of visitors in each Pavilions
  • Connectivity Event Display  
  • All people connected to the event and to the digital signage

Wearable and Handy Keychain Technical Features

  • OLED Display- Displays Identification, time, temperature and humidity
  • EMV Chip- Embedded information stored
  • Weather Sensor- Temperature & Humidity Displayed
  • Power /Menu Button-Turn on/off and Menu selection
  • Heart Rate Sensor- For Fitness monitoring

More Card Technical Features

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BLE)- Wireless Bluetooth detection at premises entrance and location
  • Vibration Sensor- Alert through vibration on receiving messages, announcement and offers
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Chip- Payment applications for events and different City offers
  • Security feature- PIN number / finger print to activate the Wearable or Handy Keychain
  • Convenience feature-
    • Low power consumption with 2 month battery life
    • Low battery notification from Display or Mobile
  • Smart Gateway- Industrial Gateway provides security, scalability, and data reliability with mesh connectivity.