Track and Trace: Smart Product Inventory Management

Your supply chain and retail operations exist in an offline black hole. It’s why it’s so hard to tell what’s really happening in them, while it’s happening, unless you’re on the ground.

By digitizing your products, you can start collecting a whole new kind of data – living product data. That’s data generated by embedded RFID tags, moisture sensors and temperature sensors. And it means you get all sorts of new product insights based on where your products are and what they’re going through.

Streamline your Supply Chain:
Understand your strengths and weaknesses with a new kind of supply chain data that shows you how products move from manufacture to distribution to stores. So you can unplug the bottlenecks and get lean.

Control conditions with better Product Insights:
Turn your products or packaging into sensors to monitor temperature, moisture or shock. Less wastage; better performance.

Optimize In-Store Merchandising:
Make sharp merchandising and promotion decisions based on real-world stock insights. Faster reactions increase sales.

React faster with Smarter Inventory Management:
Get fast, digital insight into your real-world inventory based on an easier approach to stock counts. So your shelves are never bare.

Cross the Post-Sale Void:
Your products are designed for the end-user. Discover how customers actually engage with your products, in their world.