Street Lighting Control Solution

Connected street lights can be remotely controlled by the per-pre-programmed schedule. Such connection also gives real-time alerts in case of lighting problem and black-out. This improves public safety by lowering time for fast repair and proper maintenance.

IoT Technology for Street Lighting

loT integrates radio modules into streetlight housings and has jointly bid on several large municipal lighting RFPs. lo T solution allows tens of thousands of streetlights to be connected directly to a small set of transceiver base stations. Certain lights can be designated as repeaters to ensure 100% network coverage with a very little additional infrastructure investment. The loT open data structure allows existing streetlight management applications to be seamlessly integrated. Installing a loT network for streetlight management has direct co-benefits with its excess network capacity: municipalities can also add other services, like parking, metering, or logistics over time, with no additional wireless investment.

loT city-wide LPWAN network provides proven loT connectivity to manufacturers of street light controllers and other smart city devices.

Smart Lighting Solution

loT offers fast and simple lights upgrade process with custom loT solution development program. Integration of the radiomodules would not make the lights price higher but will add advanced loT features.

Integrated lights will be able to send a real-time data on lighting status and parameters. Wireless signal processing and data handling are performed by the base station. Information collected transmits to the main server where it can be utilized for real-time monitoring and management. Remote street lights control are performed from the Cloud Platform.