Street Lighting Control Product

Connected street lights can be remotely controlled by the per pre-programmed schedule. Such connection also gives real-time alerts in case of lighting problem and black-out. This improves public safety by lowering time for fast repair and proper maintenance.

LED Lights with loT Radio Module

Integrated loT radio module or modems bring the long-range connectivity to LED street lights with high scalability and coverage.

  • Low-cost integration with LED controllers.
  • 16+ km of range in a harsh urban environment and 50+ km in open country.
  • More than 2 000 000 LED controllers can be handled by the high capacity gateway.
  • Full -duplex connectivity allows to receive information from street lights in real-time and control the lighting remotely.

Smart Lighting Application

  • Automatic failure identification, alarms and reports.
  •  Remote control and switch on and off schedule .
  •  Real-time monitoring of lamp status, voltage, power, current.
  •  Data aggregation and drill-down analysis.
  •  Complex configurable alarm rules to notify users for significant issues .
  •  Multiple types of objects: Street lights, Sensors, Smart meters, loT devices etc.