Smart Manhole Product

Gives alarm when manhole had been moved or relocated. Increases safety of civilians falling into manholes.

Traditionally, technology to track manholes has lagged behind the rest of the industry.
Now, sewer tracking and locating technology is finally catching up to help us address manhole movement and theft.
Integrated sensors in the manhole send signal to the control system if it is being moved or re-located. Unauthorized re-locating or movement of the manhole will send notification and alert to the sewerage security.

Sensor Elements:

  • Movement
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Magnetometer
  • Optional: time of flight

Power Source:

  • Military grade battery
  • 12600 mA, 3V
  • -40C – + 70 C

Battery life: 10 years


  • Compatible with F900 covers
  • 316 L stainless steel body
  • Head withstands + 250 C liquid asphalt
  • Head height 10 mm Diameter 50 mm
  • Sensor body diameter 42.8 mm

LoRa Back Channel: GPS Position storable

LoRa Transmissions: Alarm if moved / opened
Battery voltage transmission

LoRa Frequencies: 868 (EU), 915 (US), other on request

LoRa Operation: Class A

LoRaWan Specification: V1.0.1

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