Smart Localisation Product

Tracks movement of in-vehicle assets with its current location. Sends identification of the moving vehicle.


  • Track in-vehicles and Equipment’s position, movements and status.
  • Reliable operation across the tracking vehicle positions around the covered area.
  • Extend position tracking indoors to baggage sorting areas, maintenance building and other locations.
  • Add person and asset tags for extended operational visibility.
  • Reduced number of mishandled equipment’s and associated repatriation costs.
  • Reduced turnaround times and unnecessary penalties.
  • Fully mobilize the workforce, with instant access to real-time data.
  • Truly optimize staff, fleet and equipment across the entire company from a single central location.
  • Reduce time spent on paperwork and eliminate the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets.

Sensor Elements:

  • Movement
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Magnetometer

Additional functions:

  • Bidirectional ISM communication with
  • Door unit for automatic switching
  • Between indoor and LoRa based
  • Outdoor localisation

Power Source: Replaceable CR 2077-20C – + 50 C

Battery Life: 5 years

Mechanics: IP 67 Waterproof

LoRa Back Channel: Confirmation of alarm received

LoRa Transmissions:

  • Alarm if fallen
  • Manually triggered alarm
  • Battery voltage transmission

LoRa Frequencies: 868 (EU), 915 (US), other on request

LoRa Operation: Class A

LoRaWan Specification: V1.0.1

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