Smart Gas Metering Solution

Natural gas is delivered to residential houses for heating and cooking purposes. As well as electricity and water metering records of consumption should be kept. There are several wireless traditional technologies with is used for remote gas meter monitoring in smart gas meters of different manufacturers, loT has developed state of art metering solution based on long-range low -power wireless protocol.

Turn -Key Smart Gas Metering Solution

The high cost of deployment of advanced metering infrastructure for resource consumption control is the significant barrier for utility companies. As traditional technologies like GPRS, ZigBee and Wireless M -Bus still in consideration for such smart gas metering applications they do not provide the desired level of ROT.

With a new type of LWPAN wireless communication technology developed especially for smart metering and loT application, utilities can overcome the difficulties of massive rolling out of AMI.

Using the concept of loT communication and most robust LPWAN protocol loT has developed out -of -the -box solutions for smart gas consumption monitoring with plug and play meters and outstanding connectivity characteristics.

Smart Gas Metering Technology

There are two options to bring loT connectivity for gas metering: use loT plug -and -play smart gas meters with integrated radio modules or connect’ loT LPWAN modern to existing gas meter. Both way swill gives the ability to transmit gas meter reading on the internet via a long-range network.

The primary benefits of using LPWA network for metering is that meters can communicate with the receiving station at a range of 50 kilometers and at the same time stay energy efficient. That means you do not need to roll out a massive communication infrastructure. One gateway can handle more than 2 000 000 gas meters in the urban area keeping cost on network infrastructure and maintenance at a low level.

Smart moderns or gas meters transmit readings to the gateway via long-range wireless network and then processed on the server. All reading are displayed in Cloud web -based interface which is accessible all over the world from any computer connected to the internet. Utility gas metering application can be connected to the server for data import and export with the use of API.

Fanna Technology Utility Meter Multi-Protocol Bridge

  • Utility Meter Multi-Protocol
  • Acquire consumption and profiles
  • Meter to Gateway synchronization
  • Alert and Notification Management
  • Tariff Management
  • Supply Management
  • Secured Wireless Communication
  • Anti-Tampering Detection
  • Remote OTA Software update

Overview Network Structure