Smart Gas Metering Product

Natural gas is delivered to residential houses for heating and cooking purposes. As well as electricity and water metering records of consumption should be kept.

There are several wireless traditional technologies with is used for remote gas meter monitoring in smart gas meters of different manufacturers, loT has developed state of art metering solution based on long-range low -power wireless protocol.

Smart Gas Meter

Smart plug -and -play gas meter with the wireless long-range radio module.

  • Signal transmission range 16+ km in urban and 50 in open country.
  • Autonomous work for up to 20 years with daily readings transmission.
  • Start transmitting readings right after installation with no additional calibration.
  • Designed for residential and office buildings.
  • Easy to install by any technician.
  • Reliable data delivery with no mesh.
  • Can be used with one metering network with water, electricity and heat meters.

Gas Metering Application

Gas meters reading available in loT cloud as well as for the clients and for the utility companies.

  • Gas hourly / daily / monthly consumption reports.
  • Client interface accessible from any PC connected to the Internet.
  • Close a balance sheet for several minutes with no discrepancy.
  • Integration with third -party software is simple with data export.
  • Flexible user rights management. Roles for residents for single meter.
  • Monitoring and for utility managers watching all meters at once.
  • A utility is free from server administration and program installation.