Smart Electric Metering Product

Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter

Wireless kWh meter with integrated radio module designed for building smart electric metering networks and track electricity usage online.

  • Monitor electricity usage of single phase electricity grid.
  • Remote control for reprogramming and tariffs management.
  • Distant load limiting for remote switching -out.
  • Perfect for wide -area low-cost loT smart electric metering and remote electric meter reading system.
  • Brings effective and scale-able grid automation in a wide urban area.

3 Phase Smart Electricity Meter

Wireless three-phase electric meter with integrated radio module designed for power grid automation and control

  • Monitor electricity usage of three phase electricity consumers, commercial and industrial installations.
  • Tariffs can be reprogrammed remotely from the control panel of loT Cloud.
  • Load limiting function allows cutting off electricity supply if required.
  • Perfect for wide -area low-cost loT smart electric metering.
  • The long-range wireless protocol makes easy of smart electric metering communications and networking.

Meter Data Management System

An advanced remote electric meter reading system allows monitoring electricity usage online.

  • Hourly / daily / weekly statistic of consumption displayed for Subitrkeri every metering unit, group, and summary.
  • Control panel accessible from any PC connected to the Internet providing convenient monitoring and management from any spot of the Earth.
  • Integration with third-party software is simple with data export to Excel, CSV,  JSON, HTML or with open API.
  • Secured with SSH-protocol.

Fanna Technology Multi-Protocol Bridge

The Best Wireless RF Connectivity Suited for Utilities Metering

  • Protocol that provides the ability to “Create Your Own Wireless Network”
  • Long range wireless technology
  • 5 years battery life even with long communication range
  • Transfer data at a low bit rate over a long range
  • Spread spectrum modulation technique
  • 5 Kms to 10 Kms in Urban areas up to 16 Kms in open areas.
  • High penetration on walls in harsh urban environment
  • Connect to millions of devices with 99% to 100% transmission success rate.

Overview Network Structure