Smart Container Solution


The solution allows you to find out during what period of cargo transportation there were violations with the cargo. 


All received data is transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy.


To start working with the device, it is enough to bring a smartphone with a mobile application “FannaLogger” to the sensor.

Compact Size

Due to its small size, the sensor can also be used with small loads.


The cargo condition control sensor is designed to monitor the conditions of transportation of goods requiring routine transportation, as well as positioning and monitoring conditions in storage areas.
It’s able to collect data according to a custom schedule and detect events. All collected data is stored in the data logger memory and may be transmitted by using Bluetooth.
FannaLogger has an NFC function. To get started just bring a smartphone with our mobile application FannaLogger to the data logger.

ParameterCharacteristic​Measurement rangeAccuracy
Enclosure dimensions47х35х13 mm
Weight<30 g

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