Smart Container Product

Monitor and tracks its movements and location.

Integrated with sensors that sends notification and alarm if unauthorized opening of the container occurred.

Sensor Elements:

  • Movement
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Magnetometer
  • Door opening TOF


  • Military grade battery
  • 12600 mA, 3V
  • -40C – + 70 C

Battery Life: 5 -10 years depending on settings


  • Ballistic plastic
  • Inner part 50x50x70mm
  • Outerpart 50x30x70mm

LoRa Transmissions:

  • Alarm if moved / opened
  • Min/Max Temp and humidity
  • Battery voltage transmission

Optional: Data download via Bluetooth

LoRa Frequencies: 868 (EU), 915 (US), other on request

LoRa Operation: Class A

LoRaWan Specification: V1.0.1

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