Pallet Protection & Tracking Product

Sends alarm and notification if pallet had been moved.

Integrated sensors in the pallet send signal to the control system if it is being moved or re-located. Unauthorized re-locating or movement of the pallet will send notification and alert to the security.

Sensor Elements:

  • Movement
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Magnetometer

Power Source:

  • Military Grade Battery
  • 12600 mA, 3V
  • -40C – + 70 C

Battery Life: 10 years


  • Ballistic plastics
  • Head height 10 mm Diameter 50 mm
  • Sensor body diameter 42.8 mm
  • Hidden installation possible

LoRa Back Channel: GPS Position storable

LoRa Transmissions:

  • Alarm if moved / opened
  • Battery voltage transmission

LoRa Frequencies: 868 (EU), 915 (US), other on request

LoRa Operation: Class A

LoRaWan Specification: V1.0.1

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