Gas Cylinder Management Solution

LPWAN for Gas Cylinder

Integrated in Gas Cylinder smart sensors sending signal when cylinder is empty via long-range network. Real-time
information on the level of containers allows to plan track routes more efficiently.

FANNA TECHNOLOGY also provides Solution and System to client:

  • Customer online ordering or by phone (offline ordering).
  •  Agent user interface for management, real time tracking, control and reporting.
  •  Increases the quality of delivery.
  •  Monitor distributors, their number of trucks, to the drop points.
  •  Agent will notified by the system if there are violations and take reliable action to the incident.
  •  Generating reports like number of cylinders delivered in an area with identification, distributors responsible for the gas cylinders, quickness and quality of delivery and log violations like geofencing crossing or gas cylinder mishandling.

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