Brand Protection and Security Tags

Brand Protection and Security Tags is a software solution that manages information related to unique identifier codes that brand owners assign to their products.  Brand owners interact directly with the BPC via a dashboard which they access through a web-based portal. Consumers interact with BPC indirectly by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag and being directed to a landing page that is connected to BPC via a secure API.  The system allows consumers to authenticate products and simultaneously allows brand owners to collect information about product location in the marketplace (to monitor potential grey market diversion) as well as look for suspicious behavior indicative of counterfeit products in the marketplace. 

A very convenient way for brand owners to incorporate the unique codes onto their products. In addition to the QR code or NFC device, other security features can be incorporated into the label. Fanna Technology can supply the finished labels or supply some (or all) of the security components to the brand owner’s designated print partner.  The security components can include: The security products described above; one of two levels of QR codes, standard or a proprietary secure QR code; and of course, a multitude of NFC options.

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