Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Solutions

Base Lines Services

Tag, register, keep and disclose staff and people information wherever and whenever.

State what should happen when and by whom and get auto informed of any exceptions occurring.

Track and trace whereabouts of assets and inventory and manage on the spot.

Drill down on location and position triggered information and access what you need, right where you are.

Plan, carry out, evaluate and improve workflow through automated surveys, inspections and reports.

Manage time spent or consumed on business processes monitored through real time data from tags, sensors and human input.


Location suite available via web, app and 3D interface.

Open Rest available on swaggerull web service .

Location  engine makes different location manageable with a single SW.

Analytics, view and replay data to understand the dynamics and time correlation.


Platform Diagram



Square Meters



10 TB


We manage projects in:

  • Building Automation
  • Industry
  • Safety
  • Sports Military

Solid performance and reliable solution project scale with tags

  • 10-100 Industrial
  • 100-600 Office
  • 100-400 App
  • 100-6.000 Logistics

Every year, manages 10 TB of traffic and takes care of all the services customers may need in terms of functionality and analytics

BLE for RTLS Safety & Rescue Team

The demand for beacon-based applications for the location and safety of workers in industrial environments is hugely increasing, thus, leading to the development of new BLE solutions, either based on standard or proprietary formats, to provide information on the location and status of the worker.

BLE has been developed Safety advertising packet, supported by all BLE based with UUID and Major number used for beacon unique identifier and Minor number containing additional information:

  • Battery level (in mV);
  • Internal status flags: motion status (moving/still), short button pressure (Y/N), long button pressure (Y/N), man-down event (Y/N).

The configuration parameters of the individual alarms (time stamps, acceleration) are completely programmable by the user.

The Solution provides access to a richer data set for RTLS and safety applications: not just identification and localization, but also alarms, critical events, internal status of the tag.

BLE for RTLS Safety & Rescue Team (Used Case)

Used in Helicopter or Drone to locate Safety& Rescue Team like Firemen: not just identification and localization, but also alarms, critical events, internal status of the tag.

Mobile App (Office)

PC Browser (Industry)

Facility Management

  • 3D Model able to mesh up any spatial data in a single DB
  • Take advantage of location: see where things happen
  • Design, assign and organize any event you need

Variety of Used Cases

Methodology Comparison


Animal Identification Tracking & Locating

Fanna Technology offers diverse solutions for animal identification depending on the field of application and the size of the animal.

Horse Racing & Training

High speed Real-Time tracking technology for tagged running animals .


The healthcare industry involves many processes that need identification, monitoring, controlling and documenting.

Visitor Management Solution

Real time location system for Visitor Management Solution.

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