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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution

Fanna Technology enables smart transportation that is Autonomous, Connected, Efficient and Safe.


Self-driving vehicles move people and goods more quickly, safely, and efficiently. Fanna Technology works at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle revolution. This prototype ran on dedicated lanes known as “virtual tracks,” giving passengers swift transport through congested areas. Projects like this are more than a proving ground for our technology: they also help people become more receptive to autonomous transit. Smarter cities rely as much on laws, regulation, and public perception as they do on technology. That’s why we match our smart technologies with thoughtful implementation. The safe, practical autonomous vehicle systems grew out of our proven Communications-Based Train Control technology. Transit agencies, municipalities, and fleet operators can also benefit from these extensively tested and proven advances. We have the history, expertise, and vision to keep developing and re-imagining our technology to drive movement toward intelligent cities and fully autonomous vehicles.


Your riders will never miss a frame of their video conference, streaming service, or other high-bandwidth application. As a bus or train travels, our intelligent technology continually updates cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity options to ensure you and your passengers are always getting the highest quality for the best price. Innovative solutions like storing commonly screened entertainment options on a local hard drive, free up bandwidth and save you money. Our on-board boxes connect to wayside sensors, which collect data for analytics. By building a system of intelligent vehicles and intelligent infrastructure, we empower you to do anything from monitoring the safety of the vehicle and the driver, to operating autonomous vehicles remotely.


We bring a solution with 2-in-1 technology digital Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) devices and two methods of detection which uses odor and sound sensors in one device to identify and detect the RPW in real time. The device is programmed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) electronic digital gas and sound MEMS sensors adapted to the same gases produced by the larvae to capture the natural odor from one side of the device and sound sensor to catch sound pattern by RPW on the other side of the device, and to detect the noise of the larvae while chewing and boring hole that had already been learned by AI & ML. The method for sound and odor detection is by placing the gas and sound sensor device inside the trees about 15cm to 30cm, if needed, to be able to identify and recognize the odor if the palm tree is healthy or infected and to detect a similar sound produced by the larvae while chewing in the early stage. The 2-in-1 digital device detection system will give wireless alert or notification to the palm owner once there is a detection of larvae noise or infected odor; and the red LED light of the device will remain blinking to identify the infected Palm Trees, sending wireless communication protocol alert to the concerned Authority.

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