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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product

AI Enabled Perception for situation Cognisance

3D detection and recognition, bounding box and object size, tracking and heading angle, motion and speed, depth sensing and prediction with object behavioral.

AiPE uses 3D LiDAR and Cameras with intensive data fusion to further extent object detection, recognition, tracking with heading angle for a better understanding  of object behavior.

Low-Level Sensor Data Fusion

Multi-lidar Data Fusion

True 3D HD Environment

AiPE – Camera/LiDAR Data Fusion

Mid-Level Sensor Data Fusion

3D LiDAR is fused with array of camera for robust 3D object detection, recognition, recognition and tracking

AI enabled Perception for situation Cognisance

•The 3D perception can be extended to incorporated other features if necessary such as:

•Car/ People Counting

•People emotion profiling e.g. sad, angry, happy for mental health

•Car/People trajectory

•3D situation reconstructions in the context of accidents

•Car / People Search

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