That’s All You Need: One NFC Tag for Endless Applications

A Near Field Communication (NFC) tag applied to any physical object can launch a multitude of mobile digital experiences at the tap of a phone. Some examples are:

Product Authentication
Tap to Verify
Product Information
Tap to Connect to content
Shopping Experience
Tap to Select products
Social Media
Tap to Engage Socially
Customer Loyalty
Tap to Reward
Instant Sales
Tap to Order and Pay

What our clients are already doing?

See how some of our clients have applied NFC Tags to physical objects to better connect with their customers:


Tap to Pay enables the fastest and most convenient parking experience.


Tap to Verify authenticity and get exclusive content on the upcoming World Cup competition.


Tap to Connect to a world of inspiration, exclusive content, and added value.

Three steps to success


Launch your mobile experience instantly


Move consumers down the sales funnel


Drive instant sales and reward loyal customers

What’s your use case? Selecting the right NFC Tag for your application

An NFC Tag is a passive, unpowered, small physical item that can interact with mobile phones. It contains an NFC chip and an antenna. The chip has a user memory which can be written to with a standardized data format and allows phones to read the data to e.g. open a specific URL to a mobile experience in the web browser.

NFC tags come in a range of antenna sizes and shapes. The larger the antenna, the larger the operating range (typical up to 4 inches or 10 centimeters). We suggest using the large antenna size if possible for a smooth user experience. If you would like to reduce the operating range to very close proximity for enhanced security, choose a smaller form factor.