Supply Chain & Asset Management

RFID in supply chain management has the capacity to significantly improve global logistic chains and increase overall efficiency by automating the identification processes. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, cases and other returnable transport items (RTIs) like plastic crates used for fresh foods.

RFID features many benefits to manufacturers, distributors and retailers:

  • Better traceability and visibility
  • Minimized possibility for human errors
  • Secured availability of goods
  • Reliable information of products origin
  • Better customer service
  • Process optimization and faster billing
  • Optimization of shipping papers

Monitoring Temperature-Sensitive Goods

As the demand for global industrial logistics grows, temperature-controlled applications are rapidly evolving in parallel, leaving the last mile as the weakest link within the supply chain. Fanna Technology has developed innovative products and solutions for sensing temperature and moisture levels, logging and indicating temperatures and providing authenticity and traceability.

Parcel and Postal Services

RFID is used in postal environments to improve item tracking during sorting and delivery. Because RFID doesn’t require a line of sight for information transfer, postal items can be routed without concerns over their physical orientation.

RFID technology reduces the time needed to process mail bags and boxes because the RFID tags can be tracked automatically as they move through various stages in the processing cycle. Multiple items can be read simultaneously.

Waste Management

RFID technology is suited to accelerate processes and improve efficiency by providing a fast and reliable identification and data collection process. Further optimization potential comes with the ability to not only track collection and weight of individual waste containers but to also use the collected data to improve truck usage and route planning.

By linking the container to a specific household or company and with an integrated RFID system in place, RFID technology enables automated data collection at all stages of the waste management and recycling process. Thereby, manual data collection is replaced by a smart, reliable, convenient and fast solution from pick up through invoicing.

Fanna Technology offers a wide product portfolio of RFID transponders for waste management and recycling. Specifically designed for use in harsh environments, the transponders withstand heat, cold, rain, dust and dirt. Packaged into a robust casing, the products offer reliable data collection and enhanced durability combined with the benefits of bulk reading. Compliance with the BDE standard ensures full interoperability with further standardized components and systems.