Electronics and Gaming

NFC technology is playing an increasing role in consumer electronics and the mobile gaming market, which hit $37 billion in 2016, overtaking PC, according to Newzoo Research. NFC is the driver for a new world of constant, pervasive connectivity. By linking with Bluetooth devices, smartphones and Wi-Fi networks or gadgets, NFC tags create a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, and provide real value that consumers instantly recognize. Consumer electronics, games, toys and content sharing gain a fourth dimension with NFC through customization, upgrades and interaction.

NFC in Electronics

As an electronics brand, you know that your customers are using an ever-growing array of mobile and static devices both at work and at home. They use them to make life and work easier, to educate, or to provide endless entertainment. The key is connectivity: it’s fun and easy to share photos, videos or games when NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are interconnected – and it’s simply done by tapping NFC touch points together.

NFC in Gaming

Near Field Communication (NFC) provides wireless communication between smart NFC devices and NFC-enabled objects. The potential applications are only limited by imagination and creativity. This makes the experience of mobile Internet and other mobile services fast and convenient, and presents new opportunities for toy and games companies and consumers alike.