Car Access

Fanna Techonolgy’s Product Portfolio for Car Access Applications:

Fanna Technology’s product portfolio comprises various types of glass tags, plastic bricks and systems on chips (SoCs) for applications such as car immobilizers, remote control, passive keyless entry and remote keyless entry. The products are available in different types depending on the respective car specifications, live up to the high demands of the automotive market, and fulfill the most stringent requirements in terms of security and quality.

Car Immobilizers

Fanna Technology is a market leader in RFID-based car immobilizers. The products and solutions are well known in the market and stand for the highest quality and reliability.

Generally speaking, RFID-based car immobilizers have proven to be a very effective tool for theft prevention. The transponders comprise a secret code which is matched with the corresponding code on the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the car. Only if those two codes match, the ECU permits the engine to start.

Remote KeyLess Entry

RFID-based remote control functions combine conventional remote control functions with enhanced security features. One example for a smart remote control function is automatic opening and locking of car doors when the RFID transponder resides in the range of the car enabling keyless entry. Equipped with advanced encryption standards, the transponders reliably prevent interception and spoofing of the transmitted signal.

Keyless Entry & Keyless Go

Remote keyless entry systems permit or deny access to cars from afar by simply pressing a button on the motor vehicle key and thereby substituting the need to mechanically unlock the vehicle by plugging the car key into the door lock. Passive keyless entry systems, also referred to as “passive entry” or “keyless go”, take user convenience to the next level by even substituting the need to press a button in order to unlock and open the car.

As a trusted partner for the automotive industry, Fanna Technology offers an advanced RFID product portfolio to add security and user convenience to motor vehicles.