RFID Products & Solutions for Aviation

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set a sky-high goal regarding the future of baggage handling. IATA Resolution 753 is intended to encourage airlines not only to further reduce mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey: its ultimate goal is a future where passengers are liberated from their luggage and enjoy real-time baggage notifications while airlines and airport operators benefit from enhanced efficiency and large-scale savings.

RFID: The foundation for superior baggage tracking capabilities

IATA has defined a very down-to-earth foundation for that future – the use of RFID inlays in all baggage tags by 2020. RAIN RFID tags have multiple benefits over barcodes, improving baggage tag read rates from around 90% up to 99.9%, abolishing the need for line-of-sight reading, providing unique identification, increasing efficiency and accelerating the scanning and verification process.

Fanna Technology is well positioned to guide the partner ecosystem throughout the process of future baggage handling. This commitment includes supporting all suppliers of baggage tags in their migration to developing RFID-enabled tags by leveraging our WINGS inlays and tags and our converting expertise.

Beyond baggage tracking – Top-flight products from the market leader

Additionally, Fanna Technology offers a broad product and solution portfolio to the aviation and aerospace industries for many different applications. That portfolio includes among others:

  • Passive RFID sensor inlays to monitor water leakage, moisture, pressure and temperature inside freight containers or parcels;
  • On-metal tags and other industry-grade inlays and tags for supply chain and asset management;
  • Product authentication and brand protection solutions for aerospace component and part suppliers.