Internet of Things (Iot) Products

Smart Water Metering Product

Smart Electric Metering Product

Smart Gas Metering Product

LPWA Networks allows to connect water meters in advanced metering infrastructure and keep control on water consumption and leak detection.

Long-range communication for fast, scalate and reliable smart grid network deploy. LPWAN enabling extra-large smart grid projects.

Iot Solution fro IoT brings the long-range connectivity to gas meters and allow to deploy gas AMI fast cost-effectively on a wide urban area.

Smart Parking System Product

Street Lighting Control Product

Smart Waste Management Product

Intelligent car parking solution with smart sensor system based on IoT occupancy sensors allows to find free parking quickly and get additions benefits.

LPWAN allows to keep full control of street lighting, switch on and off remotely, watch lighting parameters in real-time for better safety and maintenance.

Enables wide-area IoT solution for smart waste management. LPWA network allows getting real-time data from waste sensors in the area of an entire city.

Air Quality Monitoring Product

Oil & Gas Product

Gas Cylinder Management Product

Enables wide-area IoT solution for monitoring air quality in an urban environment. Air sensors data aggregates with long-range LPWAN gateways.

Machine to machine (M2M) communication, driven by LPWAN, has huge potential for gaining popularity across oil and gas companies oilfields digitizing.

Management of gas cylinder distributed around the city.

Smart Fire Extinguisher Monitoring Product

RFID for Appliance Product

Safetag Tire Identification Product

Alerts responsible parties for fire Extinguisher if expired or needs replacement. Also aids in locating the extinguisher.

RFID solution for each unit of an approved appliance under a program is required to have a unique serial number (EESL Serial Number).

Designed for tires for identification and protect tires from counterfeit.

Smart Manhole Product

Cable Bobbin Anti-theft Product

Power Line Alarm Product

Gives alarm when manhole had been moved or relocated. Increases safety of civilians falling into manholes.

Secures cable bobbins of theft. Send alarm and notification to the  administrator or security. Can track and locate the movement of the  bobbin.

Sends alarm and the location of the cut cable. Notification and alert on overheating cables or on magnetic drops.

Pallet Protection and Tracking Product

Smart Asset Protection Product

Smart Localisation Product

Sends Alarm and notification if pallet had been moved.

Notifies and sends location of assets like clothing, groceries, purchased goods. Tracks movements of assets from one location to the other.

Tracks movement of in-vehicle assets with its current location. Sends identification of the moving vehicle.

Smart Container Product

HAJJ Electronic Bracelet Smart management System Product

VIB Product

Monitor and tracks its movements and location. Integrated with sensors that sends notification and alarm if unauthorized opening of the container occurred.

Access Point / Location View
– Detect all people on the ground
– Detect all people on different floors

An intelligent electronic ID replacing vehicle registration card.

Stores all data of the vehicle and the owner.

It reminds about registration and insurance expiry date.

IoT Cloud Platform Product

loT Cloud is a web-based platform which provides easy access to all data collected by smart devices and loT sensors. Specially designed for data storing.