Battery Powered Data Concentrator

TustLink (DC-200 Series)

Collecting and transmitting readings from various types of utility metering devices

  • Battery Powered

The power is supplied from Internal source battery powered with 80,000mAh battery capacity

  • Over-the-Air Update

Configuring and updating software via Bluetooth from smartphone or PC

  • Multi-Wireless Communication

The received data is transmitted via multi-wireless communication like LoRaWAN, NB-IOT or GSM


TrustLink Battery Powered Data Concentrator device is for collecting and transmitting data via multi-wireless data transmission technology like LoRaWAN, NBIOT and GSM with multi-interfaces protocol support (DLMS, EURIDIS, MBUS), analog input, digital input (guard or pulse counter or 4-20 mA), wireles M-Bus, I2C and open collector.

It is used to collect and transmit readings from various kinds of metering devices, sensors (temperature, pressure, smoke, alarm status, etc.), industrial equipment.

The device will collect and transmit data via the wireless data transmission network to an analytical platform.

The device comes with LoRaWAN, NB-IOT and GSM/3G/4G antenna.

Operating Principle

Utility Meters (Electricity, Water & Gas) are connected to the device, the received data is transmitted wirelessly via the multi-wireless data transmission technology like LoRaWAN, NBIOT, or GSM to the gateway or base station of the utility company with subsequent data transfer to the local server or cloud storage.

Multi-Sensor Device

Temperature sensor, Pressure Sensor, Built-in Meter Sensors, Humidity Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Motion Sensor are only a few sensors that TrustLink can support. The data readings from the sensors are transmitted via the multi-wireless communication data technology. After receiving this data and checking the checksums, sends the data unchanged via the network to the server.


TrustLink (DC-200) Battery Powered Data Concentrator data collection and transmission device is a ready-made solution for utility meters (electricity, water & gas)

Data transmission over the Multi-Wireless Communication technologies (LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, LTE/3G/2G, Wireless M-Bus)

It can be equipped with an additional expansion board

Internal Non-volatile data storage

Data collection and transmission from various metering devices

Enclosure protection degree IP-67

Over-the-air configuration and updating the software via Bluetooth from a smartphone

Data Collection

Wired or wireless utility meters are connected to the device, and the received data is transmitted wirelessly via LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, GSM or WM-Bus data transfer technology to the gateway or base station, followed by data transfer to the local server or cloud storage.

TrustLink has ready external antennas, with an option to use the built-in antenna on a separate PCB.


The device has an internal battery power supply for power source, replaceable lithium batteries with 80,000mAh battery capacity.

IP Protection Enclosure

The case has a degree of protection IP-67, its design allows you to use the device in extreme climate conditions.

The device is easily mounted on walls and brackets with the help of fasteners. The mounting holes are hidden by blind covers on the sides of the device.

Basic Specification

Dimensions140x115x40 mm
Operational temperature range-40…+85 °С
Ingress protection ratingIP-67
Weight300 gms

Operating Power

Operating Voltage RangeDC 3.6V
Operating Current130 mA
Battery Capacity80,000mAh
Battery modelLi-Ion, ERxx
Replaceable BatteryYES


RS-485 / RS-232DLMS, EURIDIS, Modbus
Wireless M-BusYES
Analog InputYES, for pressure sensor, temperature sensor and other sensors
Digital InputArming mode or pulse counter
Open CollectorYES
Output 12 V and 5VPower for External Sensors

Data Transmission

Communication StandardLoRaWAN 1.0.3 class A,
Nb-IoT (cat. NB2),
Radio Frequency Range864-1000 MHz
B1, B3, B5, B8, B20, B28
Maximum Transmit Power16 dBm,
23 dBm
Sensitivity-137 dBm,
-129 dBm
Network Communication ProtocolMQTT/CoAP/OTAA/Non-IP and others
Supported RegionsEU, US, AU, AS, RU, CN



Housing Utilities

The solution is suitable for residential buildings, apartments or neighborhoods. Installing the TrustLink Data Concentrator on apartment-by-apartment metering devices will allow you to automatically receive readings remotely by the utility companies.

Accounting for Industrial Resources

The device for collecting and transmitting data can be attributed to an element of the pipeline telemechanics system. The device solves the issues of transmitting information about pressure, flow rate, temperature and other parameters.

Environmental Monitoring

Additional control of parameters (temperature, magnetic influence, humidity, etc.)