Contribution to Patient Satisfaction and Safety

The healthcare industry involves many processes that need identification, monitoring, controlling and documenting. The technology offers healthcare companies a number of advantages to increase cost efficiency and patient safety.
This automatically tracks or identifies patients and personnel, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instruments, blood bags or different kinds of samples and helps to prevent human errors and medical malpractice. With the help of this technology, patient records can be automatically updated with the information on caregiver, patient and treatment.
This can add value to medical devices and instruments by ensuring the correct function of the device, adjusting the settings or counting the times a specific part is used. Furthermore, the utilization rate of instruments can be increased, when hospital inventories are better up to date. In addition to cost savings and improved efficiency, the implementation of this will result in higher employee and patient satisfaction and most importantly, improved patient safety.


  • People centric health information, communication and activity management
  • Cradle to Grave Direct linked
  • Through web and app
  • Service based
  • Self empowered
  • Modular in set-up and consumption
  • Eco system oriented
  • Owner controlled
  • Value chain based revenue model

Service Base

Tag, register, keep and disclose staff and people information wherever and whenever.

State what should happen when and by whom and get auto informed of any exceptions occurring.

Track and trace whereabouts of assets and inventory and manage on the spot.

Drill down on location and position triggered information and access what you need, right where you are.

Plan, carry out, evaluate and improve workflow through automated surveys, inspections and reports.

Manage time spent or consumed on business processes monitored through real time data from tags, sensors and human input.

Solution Basics

Central point user app.

Holding basic user health information.

Various modules along his interest or need. Modules can be offered by 3rd parties of any kind.

Each module holds its own (party) specific information and activity controls.

Independent notification engine that allows use for personalized alerts, instructions etc.

Supporting Communications Architecture

Include features like:

  • User Authorization Control
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Dynamic Workflow Builder
  • Auto Reporting
  • Auto Notification
  • Track, Trace and Trigger
  • In – and Outdoor Positioning
  • Auto Alerting
  • SOS Button for Emergency
  • Geo Fence and Perimeter Control
  • 3D Party Interfacing
  • Cloud Availability Subscription Services

Location and Workflow Dynamics

Interactive Perimeter Control

Event Planning and Execution


Notification and Alert

  • Alert or to track of people through bracelet or ID Card vibration
  • Localization of the personnel either indoor or outdoor
  • Geofencing and position analysis for the security personnel
  • Notification for any event or emergency