Turn your Products into Customer Experience Platforms

Most of your customers’ experiences with your products happen offline. But most customer experience innovation happens online. The winners in every market will be the businesses that bridge that gap.

To do that, you need to be able to deliver digital customer experience innovation at and after the point of sale.

Product digitization makes your products smart enough to deliver exclusive digital content, in the real world – at the tap of a phone. That’s a big deal because it means you can engage your customers in compelling new ways, all the way from pre-sale to post sale.

Deliver content that helps your prospects make in-store product decisions when they tap on the products in-store. Show them which products work with the one they’re thinking about and how others have used the product. Turn your products into their own sales reps.

The moment your customers have bought your product is the moment they’re most excited about it. Turn their excitement into online engagement by making it possible for them to sign for warranty extension, social media interactions and loyalty programs when they tap.

Help your customers maximize value from your product, with exciting personalized content like guides, recommendations and point-of-use instructions.

Most brands have no idea what happens to their products after the sale. By giving them content to engage with when they tap on the product, you can collect data on their interactions to understand how they use your products in the real-world.

Repeat Sale:
If you sell refillable or perishables, product digitization is a smart way to simplify product reordering. As soon as your customers are done, all they have to do is tap on the old packet or product to re-order. They get to avoid going to the store or online. And you get to make sure they don’t get distracted by one of your competitors or sales channels.

Feedback for Product Development:
Connect your offline products to your online feedback forum. So customers can share feedback about your product by just tapping on it. And you can develop next-generation products based on your customers’ specific needs.