Digital Signage Wayfinding

Special about the Digital Signage wayfinding solution is the LogoCloud, which dimedis specifically designed for Digital Signage wayfinding. LogoCloud displays the logos of all available shops in the mall as a big, slowly rotating Cloud. Visitors can touch the desire logo, causing the rest of the cloud to disappear and the shortest path to the shop to be displayed as an animated line. Every Digital Signage wayfinding terminal calculates the path dynamically based on its own position and orientation; that way the separate terminals can be placed at any position in the mall or exhibition at any time.


Digital Signage Wayfinding is more than just an intelligent solution. Digital Signage Wayfinding collects anonymous statistics about every action and request by users of the system and thus serves as a valuable survey tool. The information provided by Digital Signage Wayfinding makes you constantly aware of what your customers are looking for, allowing you to improve your service in response.
The system is constantly learning: When a user enters an unknown search term, that term is automatically added to the database and can then be assigned to any store or location known to the system.

Intuitive directions

Digital Signage Wayfinding offers a unique way of guiding visitors and customers to their desired destination:

  • Intuitive “LogoCloud” concept.
  • Select a destination via icons or text.
  • Comfortable search functionality.
  • Dynamic calculation of routes.
  • Display of wheelchair accessible routes.
  • Multilingual interface.


The Digital Signage Wayfinding system provides visual, easily comprehensible directions to visitors of shopping centres, large stores, hospitals, public service buildings and so on. It is designed to be spotted and instantly recognized as a visitor information system even from afar. The system features a simple, multilingual touchscreen interface, where users can just touch an icon to select their destination, or search for it by using the on-screen keyboard.

Intelligent Marketing

Marketing and media data:

  • Reports for each terminal and all terminals combined.
  • Manage advertisements and marketing campaigns.
  • Market prominent keywords and premium logos.
  • Voucher marketing.

Comprehensive usage statistics:

  • Number of users.
  • Found destinations.
  • Keywords: Found, not found, blacklists.
  • Route descriptions.
  • Top 10 shops.
  • Export diagrams as images.

Digital Signage Wayfinding stores and evaluates all of the search terms entered by its users over time. Thus, it is not just a simple visitor information system – Digital Signage Wayfinding also works as a powerful planning and marketing tool, providing important feedback to its operators about what people are actually looking for.

Powerful and versatile

Your visitors profit from:

  • Keyword search with autocompletion.
  • Display of related terms.
  • Prominently featured common destinations.
  • Clear directions displayed in 2D from above.
  • Route descriptions with prominent waypoints.

And it’s easy for you to:

  • Manage content from anywhere via web interface.
  • Assign keywords in multiple languages.
  • Edit names, logos, branches and floor space.
  • Define individual display options per logo.
  • See a list of all keywords.
  • Monitor common typos and assign them to the right keywords.

Flexibility and ease of use are the strengths of Digital Signage Wayfinding. Routes are calculated dynamically based on the current position; meaning that terminals can be placed anywhere and be moved around freely. Users can either select a target from the graphical “LogoCloud” of icons, or use the on-screen keyboard to type in store names or key phrases. And managers can easily edit data and control all aspects of Digital Signage Wayfinding through a web interface.