Authenticate: Beat Counterfeiting using Biometric Security

Authentication is one of the most important capabilities in a digital world.

Consumers need to know they’re secured when buying using their ATM and Credit Cards. Hospitals need a reliable and safe approach to patient identification and security access. And hospitality brands need a friendly approach to guest access authentication.

Digitization gives you the ability to create a unique digital identity that can’t be faked, stolen, copied or lost. And essentially, you can then securely store that identity inside an NFC with Biometric identification.

As a result, you can embed it into an access card or an ID Cards that can be worn by a person. So, wherever that person goes, you can reliably scan that tag with a phone or wireless reader to prove their identity. And with the help of biometric identification like fingerprint, security is at the highest level.

Prevent Stealing of Identification from cards:

With NFC and biometric cards or system, all your customers have to do is tap on them to the NFC reader to prove they are the owner of the payment card. They get an instant digital message authenticating their identity. And you protect themselves from stealing their cards.

Customer-friendly Guest Authentication:

Traditional ID Cards are easily exchanged by users. More importantly, they don’t make for the best security experience. Instead, customization, NFC with Biometrics give you more secure guest authentication. And they give your customers the ability to access services for them alone and prove they’re allowed certain services when staff tap on their ID cards.

Optimize Process, Reliable and Secured:

A secure one-tap digital ID means you know exactly who or what you’re dealing with. So sensitive information like personal identification can be delivered efficiently, securely, and reliably.