Animal Identification,Tracking & Locating

Greater Reliability for Owners and Consumers

Fanna Technology offers diverse solutions for animal identification depending on the field of application and the size of the animal. The flexible and reliable transponders comply with government regulations as well as the applicable international ISO standards. Our product range for different kinds of animals. Our animal identification products are available in different diameters and with various IC technologies.

Animal Real-Time Tracking and Locating

  • With the Real-Time tracking technology locates tagged animals and this way monitors their whereabouts and movement pattern 24/7.
  • Range of 500 meters radius
  • Accuracy of less than 1 meter up to 10 cm level
  • Sensor for needed data like surrounding temperature, humidity, accelerometer and others.
  • Fully customizable and flexible depending on client requirements


  • 24/7 individual tracking and locating monitoring
  • Animal Health Monitoring
  • Heat, rumination, lameness and infections
  • Control feeding places
  • Analyze Behavior, Health, Heat, and Rumination

Technology Overview:

  • Uses customizable technology depending on the requirement identical to TDOA wireless technology
  • Low-latency real-time monitoring
  • Reliable low latency alarms
  • Low Power / Long Battery Life for Tags
  • Flexible software: Standalone application or Easy to integrate system
  • Windows and Linux server support

Additional Features:

  • Skeletal Recognition on what type of Animal enters the premises.
  • First behavior analysis on a platform performance for Machine & Deep Learning.
  • Integration of gesture analysis allows multiple potential applications.