About Us

Founded in Abu Dhabi in 1966, Fanna Technology has a history covering two generations of local businessmen engaging in various type of business. The advancement of technology in the last few decades has made it clear for the group to be at pace and part of the technological breakthrough. In 2005 the group decided to form a high-tech company; Fanna Technology has been founded with a capital of US$ 12,000,000 to undertake research, design, manufacture and marketing of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services. We have humbly yet proudly managed to set a presence in UAE and neighboring markets. Fanna Technology is a global leader in unique and extensible solutions that empower businesses to digitize products, complement their product offerings with digital services, and connect them to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Purpose

To provide a work environment that withstand and reward our efforts, provides opportunities for us to grow, and allows us to pursue work we are passionate about.

Our Mission

To solve problems of national importance by providing science and engineering research, technical support services, specialty products, and integrated solutions.

Our Vision

The company that government and industry turns to for innovative technologies and solutions to critical human problems that will make our world safer, make us more secure, and make a difference in our daily lives.

Core Values

The company’s success is driven by continuous innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Fanna Technology is uniquely positioned to develop and produce high quality solutions that enable a digital signature linked to any physical object, including industrial assets, consumer goods, and many more.

Combining the strengths of its world-leading RFID transponder expertise and with its empower platform, Fanna Technology deliver an extensive portfolio of solutions that entrust to:

Engage Customers in New Ways
Brands that digitize their products have the ability to give their customers innovative, digital experiences that increase customer reliability, differentiate and minimize counterfeiting – at the tap of a smartphone.

Digitize Industrial Supply Chains
With product digitization, enterprises in manufacturing, transportation and healthcare can advance their digital revolution and establish their place in the Industrial Internet.

Increase Gross Margins
Product digitization gives retailers item-level into every single one of their products as they move through their supply chain and stores, with real world analytics that uncover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities.