Sustainability for the Future

We’re fully committed to the three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Economic and Social Responsibility.

Here's Why

When Quality Counts

Fanna Technology provides products and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.

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AI Innovation for All

Deep Learning – Endless Applications

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Let's bring Products and Solutions to you

Our products helps you digitize solutions. Delivering exciting client experiences, collect and authenticate different kinds of product data.

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Find Products and Solutions

Choose the right Product or Solution for your Business.

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Give your products superpowers with IOT Wireless Solutions

Connecting these products is a massive opportunity. Because when you embed tags and sensors into your products, these transform your business.


Turn your products into customer experience platforms.

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Make it easier for customers to prove what's real and avoid counterfeit goods.

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Track & Sense

See what's really happening with new kinds of product data, and moisture and temperature sensors.

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Our Technology Partners

An award winning digital signage system that offers ultimate tasks in dexterity and control.

One-stop-shop technology partner for the baggage tracking, smart card, ePassport, RFID and solar back-end industry.

Dynamic enterprise-level web-based applications

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